EKM Services
Prices may vary based on specific client needs - PLEASE NOTE OUR CANCELLATION POLICIES PER SERVICE

Recording: $50 per hour - We will allow 30 minutes of setup before recording starts for no additional cost. Please provide your engineer with an appropriate account of your specific needs. We provide and rent gear as well as sell cables and accessories.  Discuss your needs with your engineer prior to your appointment.


Practice Space: Starting at $20 per hour - Practice hours run until 10pm weeknights, NO LATER due to town restrictions. Prices may vary based on musicians needs such as recorded practices or gear rental. We have a house PA, up to seven microphones and stands, drums (drummers must bring their own breakables) and a guitar and bass cab for RENTAL by the hour. ALLOW AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE IF YOU MUST CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE

Lessons: Beginning at $20 per half hour. We offer lessons for all ages in all instruments as well as voice, stage, sound and music production, and music theory.  We do provide instruments during lessons, but check with your instructor for rentals. Prices may vary based on instructor, so CONTACT US with your needs. PLEASE CONTACT EKM STUDIO (not your instructor) IF YOU MUST CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE. ALLOW 24 HOUR NOTICE.
Hall Rental: EKM Studio has a 1200 sq foot hall available to rent for shows and showcases. Show rental includes use of house PA with house sound engineer, drum shells and bass and guitar cab. A projector and film screen is available for film nights, and we also welcome artists to rent our space for art shows and/or photography sessions. Per the Wallingford Fire Department, our capacity is STRICTLY 75 guests (including band). Please speak to us before bringing any kind of refreshments or effects machines into our hall as some of these may be detrimental to our (and your) equipment. To book our hall, please contact Andreas Pappas or message us on Facebook.